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How Much Is Enough?
According to the Town of Plymouth's website: Home»Departments»Human Resources»Salary Schedules: FY12 (Fiscal Year 2012) [for] Superior [police] Officers, a step level 4 Sergeant's [Vecchi's] base salary is sixty-two thousand nine hundred and thirty 23/100 ($62,930,23) dollars. Not taking into account annual cost-of-living- adjustments (COLAs), overtime, shift differentials, and other additional contractual pay incentives, it is not uncommon for municipal police officers to make as much as double their base salary, if not more (see 1 page FY12 Salary Schedule for [Plymouth Police] Superior Officers marked "C").
According to Scott Vecchi's Statement of Financial Interest (SFI) for Calendar Year 2013 that he filed with the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission on May 19, 2014, he claimed to have made one hundred thousand ($100,000.00) dollars in his job as a Sergeant in the Plymouth Police Department in 2013 (see page 2 and back of page 2 of 9 page Statement of Financial Interest for Calendar Year 2013 marked "D").
Vecchi also claimed a mere fifty-four thousand ($54,000.00) dollars in gross earnings from Plimoth Transportation in his fiscal year 2013 Statement of Financial Interests, even though he listed himself as one hundred (100%) percent owner of that business which is recorded as having received more than a half million dollars in Medicaid payments in that year alone! In 2013, GATRA paid Plimoth Transportation four hundred eighty-four thousand six hundred eighty-one 22/100 ($484,681.22) dollars, while CCRTA paid Plimoth Trausportation ninety-eight thousand three hundred forty-eight 12/100 ($98,348.12) dollars, for a total of five hundred forty-three thousand three hundred forty-eight 12/100 ($543,348.12) dollars, paid by Medicaid through MassHealth for non-emergency opioid addiction treatment related transportation services! Somehow, however, Vecchi declared less than a mere nine point four (9.4%) percent of those monies as his gross earnings in 2013. In all, Vecchi declared his own personal earnings to have been one hundred seventy thousand ($170,000.00) dollars in 2013, alone.
It is common knowledge in the professional Accounting community that most Taxi, Cab and Livery services employ their drivers as so-called "independent contractors" who receive annual 1099 forms for which they are personally responsible for their own payroll tax deductions. Those employees generally receive no health, dental, retirement or other employment benefits, and serve at the will of the employer. They generally receive a percentage of each of their fares* as well as tips, and cost the employer the bare minimum in expense to employ (* $4.00 for the first mile and $3.50 for each additional mile).
The question arises, therefore, whether: 1.) Vecchi is such a poor business man that his expenses exceed ninety (90%) percent of his businesses gross earnings; 2.) he was not forthcoming in the filing of his Statement of Financial Interests with the State Ethics Commission; or 3.) he is hiding his profits in the name of his corporation, possibly in an attempt to circumvent, defer, or shelter himself from payment of taxes. There is also the possibility that Vecchi has been salting his business profits away in the form of tax deferred, defined-contribution pension accounts such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s in he and his wife's names. Even then, however, considering the maximum allowable employee salary deferral (contributions) plus maximum matching employer contributions, based upon known Medicaid receipts, likely profits and Vecchi's declared salary from Plimoth Transportation, the numbers simply don't add up. According to the Town of Plymouth's website: Home»Departments»Assessors' Office»Property Value Search: Property [value] Assessment Data for FY16 (Fiscal Year 2016), Scott Vecchi' s 2014 built 3,192 square foot, 4 bed 3 bath, single-family colonial style home (parcel ID: 084-000-009-009; Book-Page: 44012-334), is five hundred sixty-six thousand five hundred ($566,500.00) dollars (see 1 page Plymouth Assessor's Office: Property Valuation marked "E").
Also according to Vecchi's Statement of Financial Interest for FY 2013 (see "D"), his wife is employed as an Associate Scientist at Biogen® Corp. of Cambridge, a multibillion dollar developer, manufacturer and marketer of medicines and medical therapies. It is very likely, therefore, that she makes considerably more than he does as a Patrol Sergeant with the Plymouth Police Department. Then there are the fees Vecchi supposedly makes annually as a Lawyer; as a Real Estate Broker; an Adjunct Faculty member at Quincy [Community] College; owner of Plimoth Transportation, Inc. d/b/a Mayflower Taxi; and CEO of his so-called "Vecchi Enterprises". So just how much is enough for this self-described entrepreneur?



Note: All of the above-mentioned information is available to the public over the internet, or in the form of public records that can be produced in response to requests made pursuant to the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 United States Code section 552, and/or the Massachusetts Public Records statute, Massachusetts General Laws chapter 66, section 10, and can be accessed from the following municipal, county and state offices, agencies and authorities: Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority; Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services; Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance; Massachusetts Office of the Secretary of State; Massachusetts State Auditor, Massachusetts State Ethics Commission; the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority; Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional transit Authority; the Suffolk County Superior Court, the Town of Plymouth; and the Plymouth Police Department, among others.
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