The Poster Boy for Abuse of Authority,
Ethical Misconduct and Conflicts of Interest
A Jack of All Trades?
According to the "Scott M. Vecchi, Esq. LinkedIn" website, he is employed in the following capacities:

Sergeant - Plymouth Police Department (full-time);

Lawyer - Law Office of Scott Vecchi;

Real Estate Broker - Vecchi Realty (a division of Vecchi Enterprises);

Owner - Plimoth Transportation, Inc., d/b/a Mayflower Taxi;

Adjunct Faculty [member] - Quincy [Community] College.

Apparently, Vecchi has no problem when it comes to conflicting legal interests, believing it is alright being both a lawyer and a law enforcement officer at the same time. As a Patrol Supervisor whose subordinate personnel also enforce the traffic laws in Plymouth, Vecchi appears to see no conflict in his ownership of a local taxi and livery service providing transportation services in his own town.
When it comes to conflicting legal interests, ethical improprieties and taking full advantage of legal loopholes to make a profit, Vecchi has shown us that no expense is too small to overlook when trying to make, or save a buck. His personal vehicle, a BMW M3 luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) is registered with livery plates (Massachusetts Registration # LV61333) and is owned in the name of his business, Plimoth Transportation, in order to write it off as a business expense, along with the costs of fuel, insurance and maintenance, among other expenses. Again, Vecchi gets a "free ride" while the taxpayers fund his lavish lifestyle.
Somehow, with all of his other conflicting business interests, Vecchi also finds time to be a perennial political candidate, repeatedly running unsuccessfully for numerous public offices as either an independent (un-enrolled) candidate, or most recently, as a member of the Democratic party.
Now, Vecchi believes he is qualified to run for the top law enforcement position in all of Plymouth County. Where will he find the time, and what exactly is his real motivation for his latest run for public office?
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Note: All of the above-mentioned information is available to the public over the internet, or in the form of public records that can be produced in response to requests made pursuant to the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 United States Code section 552, and/or the Massachusetts Public Records statute, Massachusetts General Laws chapter 66, section 10, and can be accessed from the following municipal, county and state offices, agencies and authorities: Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority; Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services; Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance; Massachusetts Office of the Secretary of State; Massachusetts State Auditor, Massachusetts State Ethics Commission; the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority; Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional transit Authority; the Suffolk County Superior Court, the Town of Plymouth; and the Plymouth Police Department, among others.
Researched and prepared by Voters Against Vecchi
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